Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including some risky behaviour, weight-loss with Nigel Mansell, the similarities between an apple and an F1 car, Ecclestone charity and Vettel on television…

Special thanks go to Ricardo Monza for providing sizzling hot tips for three of POP’s five stories this week. That’s 60%. Not bad.


Good grief. Some people need their heads examining – There are some people who enjoy stepping out in front of traffic, jumping out of planes or something as awe-inspiringly nutty as putting on a wing suit and flying through a cave.

The man featured in the below video is obviously one of them, as he drives an old Jordan F1 car around the Isle of Man TT course. In the rain.



This is in Pits purely because of how we imagine he’ll feel having finished – One of Britain’s finest ever racing drivers, Nigel Mansell has obviously enjoyed the fruits of his labour. Nice houses, cars and, perhaps more importantly, good food.

So, when Badger found out that Nigel would be riding from John O’Groats to Paris to raise money the charity UK Youth, we were naturally a bit skeptical. However, then we remembered that our esteemed editor, Adam Milleneuve, will be riding to the Belgian Grand Prix, so it seems that it’s not just former F1 drivers who should be sectioned.


This is pretty nifty – Have you ever wanted to see a cut-in-half F1 car? If so, then you’re in luck, as the Sauber F1 team have done exactly that. The video pretty much speaks for itself, so have a gander here.


It’s all money for charity, isn’t it? – The Ecclestones have been doing what they do best – throwing money at things.

It’s the tale of a diamond necklace and an entirely fake “bidding war” between Bernie Ecclestone and his son-in-law James Stunt (still amazing). Go here to find out more.


The responsibilities of being world championSebastian Vettel’s going to be dropping into the US after the Canadian GP for an appearance on David Letterman’s show.

We think he’ll be a natural.