Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including a rather nifty animation, the emergence of L Ham, the Olympic torch in Luton, F1 in Russia and McLaren’s rather delightful team animation…


It’s not very often that we find things we all like, but this is one such time – Rufus Blackstock is, according to his website, an “aerodynamic animateer and illustrator”. Perfect for creating an F1 based video, one might think. Well, one would be right.

He’s created an animated evolution of an F1 car – not only is it brilliantly executed, it really brings home the changes in F1 car design over the last sixty years.

Go on, check it out here.

Thanks to friend of POP, Henry for the tip.


L Ham is here – It’s been a journey that’s taken in a funny beard, large earrings, new teeth and oversized peaked caps but Lewis Hamilton now looks like a fully-fledged pop star.

It’s not a look that POP or Badger as a whole can really get behind, seeing as we’re more interested in tweed jackets, sensible shoes and flat caps (think trendy farmer and you’re close).

See here for pictures.


Yeah, they should have let him do it in his car – Lewis Hamilton, as mentioned in POP last week, carried the Olympic torch (and, by entension, flame) in Luton.

Click here to have a look at him trotting along in those really unflattering clothes they make them all wear. They look like a cross between cult and Star Trek chic.


From Russia, with F1 – Continuing the theme of F1’s flirtations with repressive regimes, a number of drivers and teams will be taking part in a promotional event for the upcoming Russian Grand Prix. It seems to involve driving round Moscow, with bits of the course close to the Kremlin.

See here for more details.


Part James Bond, part F1 – it’s McLaren’s team animation – Usually, when F1 teams try to do something a bit fun and promotional it all falls very, very flat.

However, in this case, McLaren seems to have got it right. Basically, it’s an animation featuring the voices of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Alexander Armstrong (from Armstrong and Miller).

Go on, have a look, it’s well worthwhile.