It’s another festive Podium or Pits this week!

Ferrari are certainly getting into the Christmas spirit, as is Heikki Kovalainen...

Father Christmas costumes!? Oh deer...

PODIUM.  A merry Ferrari Christmas –

Oh what POP would give to have been at Ferrari’s Christmas party this year!  Apparently the test drivers, plus Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso  (!) all dressed up as Father Christmas to greet all the little kiddies.

“They greeted their many little fans before handing out gifts for all the families at the garage where Santa keeps his sleigh, under the watchful eye of two real Lapland reindeer.” –

Comedy gold.

PITS.  No 2 drivers –

“Dear No 2 drivers of the world,

You’re buggered.


Yours sincerely,

Bernie & co”

Ok, so Bernie didn’t actually say that, but he and the FIA may as well have done given the revocation of the controversial ‘Team Orders’ rule this week.  POP’s whole-hearted commiserations go out to Felipe Massa.  Although probably it won’t make much difference in his case, really.

PODIUM.  The Total moon race –

Picture the scene …it’s 2150, and Bernie Ecclestone has just come out of his cryogenic pod to find that there are literally no more super-rich gulf states or countries left to host a Formula 1 grand prix.  What to do?  Naturally, Bernie sets his sights high… the moon.

Can’t imagine it?  Check out the impressive video from Total (sponsors of the Renault team) to get an idea of how brilliant a literal moon race would be…

PITS.  Jenson Button –

Not classy, Jenson, not classy.  “V excited about getting some tan lines!” What!?  Have you transformed into a WAG?  Jenson made this declaration on his twitter feed as he prepares to fly out to sunny Australia to enter a sprint triathlon.

PODIUM.  Heikki Kovalainen –

In another Christmas-themed POP entry, Kovalainen has been gallivanting about in Lapland with Father Christmas and all the elves!

“-22 degrees this morning in Lapland, bit too cold to go for a cross country skiing so need to figure out something else…” – Heikki Kovalainen

Deliver some pressies?

PODIUM. Johnnie Wallker –

The famous whiskey brand has been a long-term sponsor of McLaren and now, POP is pleased to confirm that they have great plans to take advantage of their involvement in the team and to throw open the doors of the team, to you – the fans.

From their access to everything behind the scenes, they’ve produced some truly brilliant videos featuring the mechanics, the the designers and of course Lewis and Jenson.

They’re also realising the dream of many fans and putting together a London Grand Prix circuit, well not in quite the way you may expect, but across bars in London there will be a replica McLaren and plenty of tasty Johnnie Walker cocktails – watch this space for more information as we get it.