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To be honest, we doubt this is a proper world record, but there we go – What would be the culmination of your life? Marriage, children, earning an obscene amount of money? Or, perhaps, is it watching David Couthard “break” the world record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car. If so, today is your lucky day, friend.

Just click here to be amazed. Or something. As sagely pointed out in the comments below, “if we can do this, there is no reason we can’t achieve world peace.


There’s an easy way to not have this problem – Tamara Ecclestone, fresh from breaking up with her boyfriend, has apparently undergone a procedure to remove a tattoo featuring his name from her body.

If this is the sort of story which floats your boat and, come on, we know there are a few of you, then have a look here.


You know how POP loves a good local news story – Proving that he doesn’t just enjoy talking on television, interviewer-giver in chief Christian Horner pitched up at his old school to give a talk. Don’t worry though, he was invited.

Indeed, according to POP’s favourite local paper, the Warwick Courier, he was the guest of honour at Warwick School’s prize-giving ceremony, at which he gave an speech in which he, surprise, surprise praised the school.

See here for more details.


L-Ham strikes again – Continuing his quest to be the hippest F1 driver around, Lewis Hamilton’s been cruising the streets of Cannes with US rap star Swiss Beatz in the McLaren driver’s sportscar.

The Daily Mail, as per usual, have put together an article about it, which includes other photos of Lewis Hamilton standing next to famous musicians. Sadly, this doesn’t include Cliff Richard.

See here for more details (and photos).


This is completely out of the blue and is a random thought in the extreme and is backed up by no facts whatsoever – Who fancies a bit of Paul di Resta to Ferrari action?