Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1 including Marussia’s IT solutions, Petra’s pregnant?, Button’s boat, photography with Bernie and Jake’s departure…


Marussia may not be on the podium very often – but their efforts in IT are incredible and they are the subject of an interesting video report on the BBC website about the importance of computing and IT to F1. Indeed, the main interview is with no less than Pat Symonds, formerly of Renault.

He’s saying some very sensible stuff, but we don’t know if we can ever take a man seriously who’s wearing that type of necklace.

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We sense this is going to go on for a while – Petra Ecclesotone might be pregnant, or so says the Daily Mail. In a wonderful example of “friends” spilling the beans to a national newspaper (if, indeed, there are any beans to spill), Bernie might be about to become a grandfather.

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Button buys a boat! – You’re a fabulously wealthy professional sportsman and you’re looking for something to spend £4.5 million on. What to buy?

Well, you could certainly do worse than Jenson Button, who’s bought himself a 28 metre yacht.

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This is weird – Another Ecclestone story (we know, sorry) and this one is a touch strange.

Basically, Pitpass have been running a series in which they’ve got people involved in F1 to take photos with the aim of selling them in an auction.

Bernie’s contribution was to take a photo of what looks like an ornate and very uncomfortable pram. We’ll let the man himself say what it is:

“It came from somewhere like Turkey. It is just for decoration and not for use”.

Thanks for that Bernie. Thanks.

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I think we’re all sad about this – Jake Humphrey is to leave the BBC and, as a consequence, the Formula 1 coverage.

This won’t happen till next season, but it’s a real shame. He’s going to BT to host their football coverage, in case anyone is interested.

Was the Olympics the only thing holding him at the BBC? We probably shouldn’t underestimate that travelling round the world all the time must play havoc with things like, you know, seeing his wife, friends and family.

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