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This one just rumbles on – Bernie Ecclestone is in more trouble with the German authorities for his alleged bribing of a public official.

According to a German newspaper (via the Daily Mail), officials are preparing to charge him.

Could we be seeing Bernie having to cut back on his F1 attendances to ensure he doesn’t get in more trouble?

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Really? Really? We reported on this earlier in the year, but it’s come up again. We know that a lot of the F1 venues suggested never actually come close to being built, let alone hosting a race.

So it is that we view Greece’s plans to build a circuit with a large pinch of salt. However, the fact that it’s even being considered speaks to the way that F1 makes people turn into lunatics.

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We prefer this one – Thailand, favoured playground of British tourists, is gearing up to try to host a race for 2014.

To us, the idea of hosting a race in Bangkok is lunacy, but then it’s F1 so nothing is out of the question. F1 just has to be careful that it doesn’t end up being another case of spectacle over substance.

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We’re not really sure whether this is podium or pits, to be honest – It’s been a while since our last foray into the world of Tamara Ecclestone, so now seems like a good time to get back involved.

She’s given an interview to the Daily Telegraph which, to be fair, isn’t terribly in depth, but does provide some interesting snippets, including the fact that she has pictures of herself on the wall, which seems a touch odd.

She also says that “I’m very true to my star sign because I’m a Cancerian and I’m a home bod”. Star signs? Really?

Apart from all the standard opulence and nuttiness, it does also make you feel a bit sorry for her, revealing that her first boyfriend sold a story about her when she was 17 and dealing briefly with her latest boyfriend, who featured  in a sex tape which, if that wasn’t bad enough, didn’t even have the small redeeming feature of also including her.

It must be a strange life, especially feeling as though you have to prove that you’re “normal” all the time.

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