Some say it was only a matter of time, some say it was long overdue … but regardless, Jonathan Legard is now resigned (quite literally) to the bin of F1 ‘has-beens’.

What can he do?  POP mulls over his options in a Podium or Pits: Legard Commemorative Special Limited Edition!

A match made in commentary heaven?

PITS.  Jonathan Legard –

He was the person everyone loved to hate.  Well, mostly hate.  But this week it was (finally) confirmed by the BBC that “Ledgy” (as he was affectionately known at the BBC) will no longer be painfully ringing in our ears when Formula 1 returns in March.  Inevitable?  The short answer is yes.  And, err, the long answer is yeeeesssss.

But what now for the BBC F1 commentary?  Scroll below to read POP’s verdict on the imminent Brundle/Coulthard partnership…

And for Legard himself?  POP would like to hand over to the man himself (via the magic of Twitter), for his own wise and esteemed thoughts on his departure:

Life moves on. Ask Nick Heidfeld […]. You never know what’s next. To the critical and the complimentary, thanks for the company

Investigating various options, home and abroad, in F1 and outside. Interesting times…

Poor Nick Heidfeld!  Ouch.  But POP is very pleased that the “critical” of him get a mention.  That covers about 98% of the viewing public so at least he’s inclusive in his send-off Twitter messages.

Legard wonders which direction to take now?

On the “options” front, might POP suggest a few ideas?

  • SatNav voice-over man.  You’ve had Mr T, and Hugh Laurie, but now you can have the wonders of … Jonathan Legard!  Featuring all your favourite Legardisms, such as “Up the hill!” and “Round the corner”.  All that for only 99p!  Bargain.  Makes the perfect Valentine’s day present for your beloved.
  • An appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house.  POP isn’t sure if it’s on this year, but watching Legard annoy the pants off the other ‘celebs’ would become essential viewing for everyone everywhere.  “It’s 7:23 am in the Big Brother house, and Jonathan has been shut in a cardboard box by his fellow housemates.”
  • Horse racing commentator (an easy shot, ok, but certainly a viable option for Mr Legard – got to pay the bills somehow).

And a final word from Jake Humphrey on the matter… “I wouldn’t swap the pit lane for the commentary box for all the sand in Bahrain!”

PODIUM.  Brundle & Coulthard in the box –

Former F1 driver David Coulthard is to replace Legard in the commentary box, and Eddie Jordan will be given a free reign (oh dear god) over the F1 punditting (yes, that is a word, because POP just made it up!)

Coulthard and existing co-commentator Brundle have experience working together from their grid-walks.  But occasionally on these ventures they verbally, and literally, tripped over each other.  But Brundle and DC (as he is fondly known) have a lot of mutual respect for each other, which in the commentary box is tantamount to gold dust.

The jury is out, but this could be a happy commentating marriage.

Vettel: Head & Shoulders above the rest

PITS.  Sebastian Vettel –

Ho ho, ha ha, he he!!!  POP can’t contain the giggling fit which erupted as soon as this video of Sebastian Vettel was uncovered.  Watch and weep, my friends, watch and weep…

Many thanks to WTF1 for this hilarious find.

Apparently German F1 champions have no shame.  Schumacher has a similarly cringe-worthy shampoo advert.  Perhaps hair products possess an elevated stature in the world of German marketing?  “Because I’m worth it” says Schumacher in the advert.  Worth lowering yourself to shameless promoting shampoo?  Apparently so.

PODIUM.  High Definition –

About time too.  The elegant lines of the Red Bull, the shimmering metallic bodywork of the McLaren, the stunning vistas, the glaringly offensive colour of Eddie Jordan’s attire… it’s all going to be in glorious high definition!  Almost as good as being at the races.

All you have to do is max out the surround-sound speakers, switch to BBC HD, and you’re practically in Monte Carlo!  Well, sort of.