Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for handwashing with Fernando Alonso, protesting in India, out and about with Frank Williams, Jenson Button’s ex and a Hamilton conspiracy…


Fernando Alonso: definitely not crap – Ferrari’s lead driver’s been doing his bit for hygiene in India, visiting a school to promote handwashing.

Often the only things we see of F1 drivers away from the circuit are them a) at glitzy parties or b) at rubbish sponsor events. With that in mind, it’s good to see the other side.

That said, this did make us laugh:

Asked how he [Alonso] viewed holding the Formula One Grand Prix in India where a majority of the people do not have access to toilet, he said that it is a “contrast for sure” but added that sports like F1 race will help improve its problems.

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If this was Bahrain they’d just shoot them – The problem with being a high-profile Indian businessman and Formula 1 team principal at the Indian Grand Prix is that your employees could, if they were so minded, kick up a bit of a fuss.

It turns out that staff at Kingfisher Airlines are exactly those employees and are planning to protest at the circuit during the race weekend.

To be honest, their issue seems to be a pay backlog, so we don’t really blame them.

If Indian labour disputes is your thing, click here.


You’ve just built a school extension, who’s going to open it? ONLY BLOODY FRANK WILLIAMS – This would definitely have been POP’s best ever day at primary school (and an unquestioned highlight for POP’s Dad too).

Unfortunately, the reason Frank was there is because it was his old school. Good for them, a shame for all other primary schools across the country.

It’s actually worth reading the article, so do go here and have a look.


This is one of the weirdest links ever – According to the Daily Mail (again, according to The Daily Mail) and, presumably, Simon Cowell’s well-oiled spin machine, he’s been dating Jenson Button’s ex-girlfirend Louise Griffiths.

You know things are going downhill when you trade in Jenson for Simon.

Click here for some gratuitous pictures of her.


This is nice of Lewis Hamilton, although we think he might only be saying because of where he is – This story involes Narain Karthikeyan, possibly the slowest driver to grace F1 in recent years, and Lewis Hamilton touting him for a bigger drive at Force India.

Perhaps, given his Dad’s problems with Paul di Resta, he’s just looking to push the Scot out of F1. Or, more likely, nothing of the sort. POP does love a grand conspiracy.

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