This week: Michael Schumacher contracts the deadly disease of ‘Motion Sickness’, Nico Rosberg visits the barbers, and the Romans give up on Formula 1…


Nico Rosberg –

Controversy now, folks:  there’s team-mate rivalry in Podium or Pits!  Having quite decidedly put Schuey in the ‘Pits’ this week (see below), POP has unequivocally and very impartially decided to place his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg on the ‘Podium’.

Why?  Because he recently attended Berlin Fashion Week sporting a rather trendy, but brilliant, new look.  Obviously F1 is primarily about the racing, but it’s also about the glamour.  Who are you calling shallow?  Wake up and smell the corporate-sponsored coffee: this is modern F1, like it or lump it.


Michael Schumacher –

Schumacher demonstrates his 'cure' for motion sickness

It’s been some time now since Michael Schumacher graced the pages of Podium or Pits.  So why ‘Pits’?  The 7 times world champion is ill … with motion sickness!  Kind of ironic, isn’t it?  Michael has built a reputation for supreme athletic fitness levels over the years, but since his motorcycle accident in 2009 he has been unable to properly utilise F1 simulators without getting poorly.  Aww.

These days drivers can spend entire days locked into their simulators.  Now the extensive testing of yesteryear has gone, the simulators are the ‘next best thing’ going.  Without this useful resource Michael is undoubtedly at a disadvantage, though POP wouldn’t want to start making excuses for 2010’s poor showing.  Michael only has himself to blame for that.


Rome –

Rome, home of the Pope, Silvio Berlusconi, various gladiators, and many such other illustrious figures.  Anyway, so Rome has officially given up on its determined bid to host a street grand prix race, citing a recent letter from Bernie Ecclestone as the reason for a change of heart.

Apparently Bernie stated that no country would be allowed to hold two races.  Err, what about Spain?  No-one even likes Valencia.  POP challenges Bernie to find one (yes, ONE) person who actually likes that race.  If you personally know anyone who does (genuinely) like Valencia, then POP would like to hear from them and their reasons for such madness.  Responses on a stamped addressed envelope to: ‘POP, The Sett, London, UK’, or email is fine too.


F1 fans –

Cheer up Mark! There's over half a billion people watching you!

Have you ever wondered how many other people in the world are sitting on their sofa watching Formula 1?  A few million?  Nope, well over HALF A BILLION.  Jesus!!!  Last year 527 million individuals tuned into F1 in 187 countries.  There are 187 countries??  POP learns something new every week.  Who knew being an F1 fan was so damn popular?

No wonder Nicole Scherzinger is dating Lewis Hamilton.


Investing in ‘Williams F1 plc’ –

The Williams team is considering a flotation.  Not of the water variety, but of the money/business variety.  A flotation in the ‘business’ world means that a previously privately held company’s shares are offered to the general public market via a stock exchange (such as the London Stock Exchange), where POP, Bernie or even Joe Public can buy a share in Williams F1!  Genius.*

You can then attend Williams shareholder meetings, vote off annoying Williams directors, or just sell the shares for a profit if Williams do well in 2011.

*If you’re wondering why it’s called a ‘flotation’ (or IPO – Initial Public Offering), it’s because the shares essentially become more ‘liquid’ or ‘fluid’ because they can be more easily and readily exchanged on the markets than privately-held shares can be.  Simple.