It’s Thursday and so POP is back on your screens with a run down of what’s been on in Formula 1.

First up, due to popular demand, this week’s instalment of ‘The Ecclestone Daughters’ has been omitted.  Such stories as “Tamara to fly into space with Noel Edmunds”, “Tamara in New Job Shocker” and “Tamara makes her own cup of tea as the UK loses it’s Triple-A credit rating” are not available for your enjoyment.  Miss them?  Thought not.

Instead we’ve got Sky on the podium twice, once for a cracking deal to get F1 live all year and the other for their ex-SkyPad user, Georgie Thompson who’s left the channel to head over and join Jake at BT’s new channel.  Sadly, Simon is still hosting the Sky coverage.  Damn.

Sutil’s back in F1 officially now and he’s in the Pits immediately.  We doubt he’ll ever be on the podium, that is unless he tops off this awesome photo.

Ahhh, Podium or Pits – it’s your weekly dose of other news in F1.  Enjoy.