if you’re new to Badger – we should explain – POP stands for Podium or Pits and it’s where we look at who’s have a bad (aka ‘pits’) week and who’s having a good (aka ‘podium’) week. It’s fun too. Simples.

This week, POP celebrates the last day of the off-season!  With Friday Practice on at 7am GMT tomorrow F1 2010 is finally underway – yay!

PITS.  The ‘Off’ season – You will be immensely pleased to hear that this is the last Podium or Pits of the ‘Off’ season because it’s Go! Go! Go! for the hotly anticipated 2010 Formula 1 season!  We’ve got new teams, old teams, rebranded teams, absent teams, new faces, old faces, young, ‘experienced’, world champions, rookies, new circuits, new(ish) circuits, classic tracks, 19 races, no refuelling…. and not to mention the brilliantly patriotic rivalry between the tops teams…

McLaren is an all-English line-up (Button and Hamilton) in an English car; Mercedes is an all-German line-up (Schumacher and Rosberg, plus test driver Nick Heidfeld) in a German car; and Ferrari conjures some latin vibes with a Brazilian (Massa) and a Spaniard (Alonso) in an Italian car.  Tune in next week when POP gets turned ‘on’… for the new season that is.

PODIUM.  Jacques Villeneuve – Jacques of all trades more like.  This week former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve has been announced as a commentator for BBC’s Radio 5 Live, which adds to his rather impressive collection of talents:  F1 champion, singer, songwriter (he’s not half bad, check out the album here), fiance of famous people such as Dannii Minogue, advert actor, movie star (he appeared in Driven with Sylvester Stallone in 2001), Olympic flag holder…. you name it, Jacques done it!

With Mr Davidson away driving cars elsewhere he joins David Croft at 5 Live who is held in high regard by POP (check out the Badger-exclusive interview here).

Moody: Cofty from BBC 5 Lives F1 coverage (image credit: BBC)

PITS.  Sir Stirling Moss – Help!  Sir Stirling fell 3 floors down a lift shaft this week at his home in London’s Mayfair.  Was he trying to recreate that famous scene in Die Hard?  Who knows, but frankly POP wouldn’t put it past him.  The Badger team were luckily enough to visit the racing legend’s pad, but fortunately did not get in such a pickle with the elevator.

Wishing you all the best Sir Stirling, and hope you make a speedy (wink wink, nudge nudge) recovery.

PODIUM.  Rubens ‘Grandad’ Barrichello – Congratulations to Rubens who will be starting his 18th year in Formula 1 on Sunday at the Bahrain grand prix, and yet still that world title eludes him.  That’s nothing, Ferrari celebrate their 60th consecutive year in F1 this year too!  Not just that, but this is the first time in 16 years that the FIA has not been ruled presided over by Max Mosley.

It’s going to be a momentous year.

PODIUM.  Legard on Twitter

What does a commentator say when he is commentating about his own life and interests?  Not a lot really.  But POP is resolved, firmly resolved, to give Legard a fresh start for a new decade.  Perhaps POP was too rash to judge so quickly, perhaps Legard needs time to mature like a good wine, or a good cheese, or a good… commentator?  Only time will tell.

Loads of F1 stars are 'tweeting' now - ace!