Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Stay tuned for a knighthood, Christmas food (or an approximation thereof), what’s in a name?, the Ecclestones and a brilliant video of an F1 argument.


Does he actually want one? – Right, POP’s first entry this week has to do with John Surtees. For those who don’t know who that is, first – shame on you and second – he was 500cc motorcycle World Champion in 1956 and 1958–60, Formula One World Champion in 1964, and remains the only person to have won World Championships on both two and four wheels.

The reason this is relevant is that a chap called Alex Goldschmidt has started a petition to give John Surtees a knighthood.

Does he deserve one? Or has the honours system been thoroughly undermined and discredited by the sheer number given out? Give us your thoughts below…


It’s Christmas, for goodness sake – Not that you’d know it if you’re Lewis Hamilton. According to the 2008 World Champion, he ate a protein shake for breakfast with dates and raisins, followed by beans with brown rice for lunch and fish for dinner.

That sounds dry. By way of contrast POP ate what felt like a whole turkey with all the trimmings, as well as having Christmas pudding and cream. That’s how it should be done. Brown rice, for god’s sake.

Also, see the article for something about a sponsor’s logo and 37 grammes.


What’s in a name? – It’s confirmed, Lewis beat Jenson this year. You may think POP’s gone off the reservation, but you’d be wrong.

Lewis did beat Jenson…in the most popular baby names of 2011. Ah ha. Ah ha ha ha. Classic diversionary tactics there from POP. Classic.


It’s fine, POP is often in photos like that too – This one doesn’t really need too many words – that’s right, it’s another Ecclestone sprog story. POP is no stranger to the world of the Ecclestones, having followed their progress closely on the ever factually accurate Daily Mail website.

This story features Petra eating what looks like a whole load of $100 bills. Was there never a point at which her brain thought that this might not be the best idea ever?


Good on you, Jaime – Jaime Alguersuari vs. Helmut Marko. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.

Tell him where to go, that’s all we have to say on the matter.