POP is so overcome with First Race of the Season euphoria that this week’s Podium or Pits is perhaps a little, well, silly.  We’re making a mosaic for Bobby K, Jenson’s Doppelgänger does a spot of modelling, and the Guardian newspaper provides us with some further F1 daftness…

Robert Kubica – everyone’s favourite Pole is still recovering from his rally crash in February.  POP sent him a get well soon card, but now it’s been topped by a ‘Mosaic for Robert’ –  built out of the pictures of his fans.  To send a photo email mosaic@grupowo.com.  They’ve already got over 10,000 photos, so there’s only under 5000 to go!

We want Robert to feel our positive energies coming out from the hearts, hearts of thousands of his international fans, from your hearts…

POP just can’t compete with that.

Jenson Button – Occupation: model and part-time F1 driver.  Or so it seems at the moment!  After various campaigns for Tag Heuer, milk (yep, just plain milk), Hugo Boss, Head & Shoulders … POP has had a tip off about a Jenson look-alike modelling too!  Apparently his Doppelgänger has been spotted on adverts for the airline Lufthansa, with a girlfriend who looks suspiciously similar to Jenson’s girlfriend Jessica Michibata.  What do you think?  Also, for your viewing pleasure, POP has found a video of Jenson’s ‘steamy’ shampoo ad…

The Beeb – it’s not often that the BBC get a special mention in Podium or Pits, but this weekend they’re showing not 1, not 3, not 4, not 5, but … 2 documentaries relating to Formula 1!  With the first race of the season (FIRST RACE! – sorry, POP can’t contain the first race excitement) also on this weekend there’s never been a better time to sit at home and make the most of that TV licence.  Both are being shown on BBC4 on Sunday, http://bbc.in/eVSTaq and http://bbc.in/gTthcO.  Thanks to lookingspiffy (via Twitter).

The Guardian – once again, the British newspaper shows that it knows a thing or two about compiling an interesting, humorous and insightful F1 season preview guide.  And the cover page is retro-tastic!  Ace.  Here are some of POP’s favourite snippets:

McLaren In a haircut – Have moved on from the ultra-corporate/bland days of Ron Dennis but still the most professional team in the paddock. Ultra-sensible, short‑back-and-sides approach to racing means they never set the pulse racing but are never far from the front. Hard to love but demand respect.

On Ferrari’s stereo The greatest hits of Simply Red.

Sample tweet @NanoAlonso (Fernando Alonso) “A friend has said to me that 400 followers is so much little. But don’t matter, I have few but sincere followers. Thanks for your support.” No updates since 2009

Pits and pieces on Vettel – Vettel hates English breakfasts. “Beans, sausage – it’s too heavy for the morning,” he complains. He does like an apple juice spritzer, though.

Bernie Ecclestone – POP heard him on Radio 4 the other morning defending sprinklers in F1.  Oh no.  POP really thought that was one of Bernie’s little jokes, but it turns out that he was serious.  The presenter seemed almost unable to stifle his laughter at the dead-pan seriousness of Bernie.  POP thinks someone should hose down Bernie with some very icy cold water to wake him up: there is NO PLACE for sprinklers in F1!