This week in Podium or Pits, your regular good week/bad week of Formula 1 … POP gets excited about the return of F1, Tom Cruise eyes up Mark Webber’s seat at Red Bull, a man makes his own DIY F1 car, and much more…

Mission Impossible: driving an invisible F1 car! - Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Cruise Control – is Hollywood star Tom Cruise preparing for the title role of the upcoming F1 film ‘Rush’ ? (whoever is responsible for that title should be shot)  It centres around the 1976 championship battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.  POP bets that Cruise fancies himself as the charming, and eventual 1976 champion, Hunt.  Perhaps not, but anyway, he’s been spotted with the Red Bull team having a test drive recently.  “Tom’s the real deal. I was surprised that he picked it up so quickly and is such an accomplished driver,” said David Coulthard, who was showing Cruise the ropes.  Judging by the picture, however, he seems to be struggling with the concept of needing to be in the actual car in order to drive it.  There’s no ‘cruise control’ in F1, mate!

LegoF1 – it’s official, there’s definitely something odd about the Danes.  Denmark is famous for literally handfuls of things: bacon, racing drivers Tom Belsø, Nicolas Kiesa, Jan Magnussen and Jac Nelleman, and LEGO!  BadgerGP’s Jimmy Von Weeks dug up this bizarre Camberwick Green-style LEGO Formula 1 race, including a rather slow pit stop from what looks like a Jordan, and two cars which crash and mysteriously combine to make one ‘super’ car.

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Geoff from Virgin Racing – for those of you who attended our Brazil Bash last year live at the Sports Cafe in London, you may remember our exclusive behind-the-scenes talk from Virgin Racing’s Geoff Collins.  Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that he has a blog (click here) which gives an amazing insight into the world of F1 when the cameras stop rolling.  Worth checking out for all those nosy F1 fans out there…

DIY F1 car – no, POP isn’t talking about the HRT car!  An F1 fan with too much time on his hands set about creating his very own F1-style car out of spare parts of cars and motorbikes.  Amazingly, it’s even road legal.  It’s creator has dubbed it the ‘Furore F1’, and it can even hold some groceries despite its 170mph top speed!  Certainly beats the kit cars of yesteryear.

F1 is back! – it can only be a podium to celebrate the return of Formula 1 after its annual summer holidays!  And it’s Spa! SPA! SPAAAA!!! Yay!  Can you tell POP is excited?  Thought so.