POP’s regular columnist is back, and so is Formula 1 in … 31 days!  That’s barely over a month!  But aside from such excitement, this week’s news has been dominated by Bobby K’s crash (as we here at Badger affectionately call him).  So despite a ‘Pits’ week for Bobby K, POP is putting him on the ‘Podium’ as we all wish him a speedy recovery…

Robert Kubica – Bobby K was involved in a high-speed rally crash on Sunday, and is still recovering in hospital.  POP is a bit squeamish about the details of his injuries, but suffice to say it was pretty serious stuff.  The latest news is that he’ll be in surgery again this week to stabilise his fractures.  Ouch.

This isn’t the first major crash Bobby K has endured.  Everyone must remember Montreal 2007 and the horrendous crash which enfolded live on TV.  The fact that he survived with only minor injuries is a testament to the safety of the modern F1 car.  We do have some things to thank Max Mosley (ex-FIA President) for after all.

[youtube width=”580″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtrzvwayniM&feature=related

But Bobby K should NOT DESPAIR!  He should look at two shining beacons of crash-recovery: Mark Webber and Felipe Massa.  Mark Webber broke his leg just before the 2009 season, but was back in the car and (as we now know) came damn close to clinching the world title in 2010.  Felipe Massa sustained a blow to the head from flying debris off Rubens Barrichello’s car in 2009, and was back in the car for his home grand prix in Brazil.  To add to the positivity, POP has devised Bobby K his very own ‘Get Well Soon’ card on behalf of Badger (& POP) readers…

And POP means every word of it...

Multi-tasking – this season the drivers will be faced with a multitude of buttons, switches, levers, dials … you get the picture.  Not only that, but they’ll have to know when, and when not, to use such contraptions during the course of the race, as well as actually remember to race!  Rubens ‘Whinger’ Barrichello has now come out to moan voice his concerns about the ridiculous multi-tasking in the cockpit when the season starts.   “I think it’s a concern … The problem is you are taking your eye off the road” said Barrichello in a recent interview.  POP says get used to multi-tasking.  Perhaps this is, at last, the time to start promoting women drivers to F1?

Williams PlcPOP told you recently about the rumoured flotation of the Williams F1 team (which basically means you, POP, and Joe Public can all buy shares in ‘Williams Plc’!).  Well now it really is happening!  They’re offering some of their shares to the public via the Frankfurt exchange starting on the 2nd March.  So if you’ve ever dreamt of  ‘owning’ a Formula 1 team, well here is your chance (sort of!).  Even Bernie Ecclestone thinks it’s a good deal, and he’s a billionaire, so he should know… “If I could buy shares in the company I would.”

Tony Fernandes CBE – He’s not quite ‘Sir Tony’ yet, but with a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) from the Queen Lotus boss Tony Fernandes is well on his way.  Congrats Tony!

Michael Schumacher – this week’s Podium or Pits is disturbingly Podium-dominated, so POP thought it ony right to include an entirely arbitrary and random Pits: for Michael Schumacher.  Bias?  What bias?  If you would like to nominate anyone (driver, team, engineer or otherwise) for ‘Random Pits of the Week’ then get in touch!