This week Podium or Pits descends further into the gossiping, frivolous and funny world of F1…

Driver banter – after Alonso and Webber came out in praise of Hamilton’s driving style, the McLaren driver noted that ‘they’re only saying that because I’m not finishing races.’  Fair point.  Good to see that the drivers haven’t lost their sense of humour.

Fashion – would you trust these two men with a camera and some models?  No, POP didn’t think so.


The McLaren boys - high fashion, or highly embarassing?

Despite ominously clear warnings (Hamilton wears earrings, what more blatant signal do you need?!), someone did ask the dynamic duo to direct their own photoshoot.  Here are the results…

[youtube width=580 height=300]

Sauber – the team has just risen in POP’s estimation – it doesn’t have a man at the helm of the team!  That’s an F1 first folks.  The CEO since 2010 is Monisha Kaltenborn, and she started out doing legal work for the team (a very necessary function in any Formula 1 team, especially so for McLaren ahem).  Asked whether the other team principals change when she’s around, Kaltenborn says “they sometimes use words that they instantly realize they shouldn’t have used and they apologize for it.”  Words like “Bernie’s retirement party plans”, or “let’s focus on F1’s reputation”?

Petra Ecclestone – the spoilt brat daughter of Bernie Ecclestone has withdrawn the planning application for her £56million house in London after the plans were called architectural “botox”.   Poor lamb.

Petra's "botched" planning application


F1 Music – so far we’ve got Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain and the tune from Bizet’s Carmen when drivers pop their champagne on the podium, and now … we’ve got Green Light Go! From The Vulz.  Now POP is a stickler for detail, and probably The Vulz should say Red Lights Go Out, now GO! as a fairer reflection of Formula 1.

(available for purchase July 4th via digital download)

Nevermind, the song is for charity – the Japanese earthquake fund, so POP will forgive them this one time.

Jenson Button’s Ex Watch – let’s face it, Jenson Button gets around.  Last week he met his ex, Louise Griffiths, for lunch and a catch up, and now “Jenson’s Ex Watch” runs its gaze over the ridiculously fantastically named Florence Brudenell-Bruce. How does a girl top an ex like Jenson Button?  By dating Prince Harry, duh!  Amazing.

Apparently they’ve been enjoying “secret trysts”, whatever that means.  I wonder what Her Majesty thinks of such trysts!?  Florence, like Jenson’s current girlfriend Jessica, is an underwear model, but at least she went to POP’s university, so she’s not a total air-head (however, she did “study” history of art).


Haynes – every decent car-owning human being should have themselves a good ol’ Haynes Manual.  That’s a life lesson straight from POP’s grandad, that is.  Good news this week for all Red Bull F1 owners!  Now all 3 of you can buy this essential book!