This week Podium or Pits is written by Benson Jammichello, bravely taking over the mantle relinquished (for one week only) by Tess Tarossa. So without further ado let’s descend further into the gossiping, frivolous and funny world of F1…

Art in F1 – Some may say art is watching some of the world’s finest drivers pilot their cars round stunning circuits in beautiful scenery. Other’s don’t.

So, for those naysayers, Force India have spotted a gap in the market and got involved.

Should have got Tony Hart to do it

The car is the VJM01-05, which Giancarlo Fisichella drove in 16 races during 2008 .The artist, Dexter Brown, has been involved in car art for thirty years and they’re auctioning it for charity later this year.

Get ready to bid, Badgers!

Ken Blocked – A man wants to drive an F1 car. A group with an F1 car want him to drive it. Tricky? You’d have thought not, wouldn’t you?

Not so for Craig Normansell’s man crush Ken Block. Pirelli want him to test an F1 car with them in August, but have had to think about how it might work after finding that his legs were too long, meaning he couldn’t turn the steering wheel.

One Pirelli employee Badger spoke to said they were thinking of modifying the car “along the lines of an old sock”, with the aim of “allowing Ken’s toes, feet, and even legs if necessary to poke out of the nose cone.” It’s not yet known how the FIA will respond.

At great expense, Badger has mocked up an artist’s impression of what this might have looked like:

Ken didn't really know what was going on, but was kind enough to pose for a photo

Sponsorship – A small business from Hove, East Sussex, has won the chance to have its company name on the McLaren cars at Silverstone.

Now, the release Badger has seen doesn’t say where the logo will be – something we’d be checking on as a matter of urgency. For example, “under the front wing on the left hand side facing the floor” doesn’t seem like prime advertising space to us.

Apparently they’re backing McLaren for the win. Not terribly surprising.

Jacques Villeneuve – Honestly, just go away and don’t come back. Race some sportscars, drive touring cars, we don’t care, no one else cares, just go into retirement gracefully.

Remarriage – We heard earlier this week that Renault are to supply engines to Williams during the 2012 and 2013 season. This sounds good to Badger – we like tradition.

However, what we like more is the idea that it might lead to a return to Mansellesque moustaches. If there was a god of F1 and if we were the praying kind, we’d be down on our knees in a shot.

Misleading headlines – While looking for stonking material to bring you in POP, we found this: Dozens Arrested in Hamilton Crackdown

What’s this we thought? An FIA ruse to stop Hamilton racing? Have the fashion police finally got involved? Has his stylist been locked up?

No. Apparently there’s crime in New Zealand and the police want it to end. Stop the presses.