This week Podium or Pits features a sickly Kovalainen, a committed Button, ‘muddly talker’, a Kubica update, and a dash of Royal Wedding fever…!

Royal Wedding fever!!! With Formula 1 having a little early-season break, attention must surely now turn to another great television spectacle – the royal wedding!  POP is unashamedly excited – bunting, little flags, tea parties, the day off work … what’s not to like?  And for Formula 1 fans there’s even better news – the BBC’s Jake Humphrey will be presenting the coverage of the wedding which is taking place tomorrow morning at Westminster Abbey.  And just to prove that William is an F1 fan, here’s a golden oldie of him in an F1 car, though sadly not a Williams

The future British monarch gets his first driving lesson

Heikki Kovalainen – spare a thought this week for Kovalainen’s ears.  They’re sore apparently.  Kovy thinks he’s got “tiny flu”, though what that has to do with ears is anyone’s guess.  Dr POP recommends bed rest, or a heavy night out on the town (either will work, but the latter option is more fun!)

Robert Kubica – Bobby K’s recent injuries certainly put Heikki’s “tiny flu” into perspective – but good news!  The Renault driver has finally been let out of hospital!  “I am starting to feel a lot better” said Kubica just before being discharged.  The road to recovery, and to an F1 return, is still going to be slow and long, but POP wishes Bobby K all the best … and, of course, a speedy recovery.

Jenson Button – POP pondered for literally minutes when deciding whether to put Jenson Button on the podium or in the pits this week.  “I’m very happy here. I want to enjoy my racing and I’m really enjoying my time here. I can’t see any reason to be anywhere else” said Jenson this week.

The McLaren driver has many talents, however, a penchant for saying “mate” and poor negotiation skills badly let him down.  Rule No 1 of negotiating anything: never ever say how much you like something or how happy you are.  You will be fleeced.  But on reflection, this probably isn’t a bad thing for Jenson’s chances – McLaren will have more money to spend on the car!

Murray Walker – the former BBC F1 god commentator (fondly nicknamed “muddly talker”) is still going strong with his video Q&As on the BBC website (only available to UK residents).  POP loves Walker – he’s like your very own F1 Grandad.  He may be 87, but you’ll not find such sense and wisdom anywhere else.  Click here for the latest instalment of Grandad Murray’s blog.

Felipe Massa – the Ferrari driver has had much to celebrate recently: finishing ahead of Alonso when he’s your team-mate is nigh-on impossible!  But this week Massa has had another cause for celebration … his birthday!  Congrats Felipe baby on turning 30!  No tantrums now, eh?

Casio – POP’s dedicated Competition Watch has unearthed a fab giveaway here on Badger!  Every good F1 fan should attend races, and a decent camera is an essential bit of kit to pack.  You’ve got until the 11th May to enter the competition (click here for more details) to win a Casio Exilim Z-550.  Good luck!

IntentsGP – you may not have heard of this company, but they’re ace and you should check them out.  If you like the idea of camping at a grand prix, but don’t fancy the hassle of a) buying and b) pitching a tent, these folk are your saviour!  For a fee, you can have your tent ready and waiting for you, complete with beds, yes, beds and tinterweb (so you can keep reading Badger and stay in touch via Twitter) See their website for more details and prices.

What’s even more brilliant is that they have a competition to win tickets to a grand prix on their site at the moment, check it out here and read more about camping at the British Grand Prix here.