January and February were difficult times here at the Sett – in a good way though.  From 2008 to 2010 our site ran on some pretty cheap (think pocket money) servers over in the states, but come the halfway point of last season, we’d completely outgrown these servers and we’d annoyingly go down for periods following a grand prix – it’s a great problem to have, in fact back in 2008 I never envisaged Badger would still be going and getting bigger and bigger by the day here in 2011.


So, come the new year myself and the rest of the Team Badger GP, decided to have a design overhaul – to move away from the American looking newsy style site with tabloid-esque colours and make Badger look more like what it is – a web-based Grand Prix Magazine (or webzine for short) and to all British Racing Green.  We hope you like the new design and find it more enjoyable and easy to use.

Along with the new design, we moved to a new server, again hosted in the states – but more powerful and well, this wasn’t a good move.  The company (we won’t name and shame) were far from helpful and well, let’s just say we weren’t getting what we were paying for and so the search for an alternative began…


…and now we’re very proud and happy to say that the Badger lives in Positive Park, just outside London – in Cambridgeshire.  Thanks to wonderful people at the Positive Internet Company, we now have a super-fast UK based server dedicated to running BadgerGP.com in a more stable, reliable and faster state than ever before.  They have great customer support and to top it off they have a Giraffe as their logo, he’s called Gerald and our server is a Dolphin, named Sylvester.

We’d like to thank the Positive Internet Company for being brilliant and would recommend anyone to use them.  Their datacentre is state of the art and as well as Badger GP, it also provides services for Sir Stephen Fry, the BFI, the London Design Museum and countless other great people.