London, Tuesday: Doubts are already being raised over the accuracy of published results for February’s Formula One fan survey, conducted by the Formula One Teams’ Association and F1 Racing magazine.

The last time F1 Racing conducted a survey of a wide range of F1 fans, suspicions arose when former editor Matt Bishop was brought in to count some of the votes, with results subsequently indicating that 98% of Formula One fans supported McLaren and nearly eight out of ten people agreed that Ralf Schumacher was “a fat, useless waste of space,” despite this not having been a question in the first place.

Rigged: FOTA members, during happier times

On this occasion, suspicion is that FOTA have been doctoring results to make it look like their recent changes to the sport have met with approval – the recent change to the points system, for example, attracted the support of 103% of fans, according to the survey.

Apparently fans also rated “tyres” as the most interesting thing about Formula One, followed by “espionage scandals” and “perpetually miserable father-managers.” “Overtaking” was rated as only the 17th biggest draw for fans, coming in just behind “speculation over Adrian Sutil’s sexuality.”

“We have to question whether these survey results are accurate,” one F1 fan opined. “It looks as if FOTA have just selected the results that appeal to them and neglected to mention the rest. In fact, there’s even evidence of some blatant fraud going on.”

“Nonsense,” a FOTA spokesperson said. “We have always said that FOTA is an organisation that puts the fans first. Giving them names and faces to cheer on, providing them with entertainment for nineteen weekends a year, and even telling them what to think – what more can they possibly want from us?”