In a race weekend that started with an announcement no fan wanted to hear – no use of the “S” word please – it was brilliant to have the action on the track be the main focus of Formula One again. And with the rain in Hungary making a rare appearance, it was all about who could find the grip, and who couldn’t.

Watching the cars make their way round the opening laps, you couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t really a Grand Prix. These cars were lapping a whopping 28 seconds off of their qualifying pace, and sliding off at any given opportunity. Yet, for how preposterous it was, it was also tense and exciting. Lewis Hamilton harassed Sebastian Vettel in the opening laps, ducking and diving behind the Red Bull looking for a way past. Jenson Button held his own against the fast starting Mercedes of Rosberg and Schumacher, while the Ferrari’s had no answer. Instead of seeing perfect racing lines at high speed, we got power-slides, fish-tails and tank-slappers.

Later on, the McLaren’s would battle for not only track position, but for the priority on tyre strategy. Seeing as the Brits both had some reputation for wet weather prowess, it was a fascinating battle of wits; Lewis blinked first and spun at Turn Six, putting Jenson in the driving seat. Jenson then went wide at Turn Two, letting Lewis back through. One-all. The next punch came from Jenson into Turn One, but Lewis counter-punched by retaking him into Turn Two. Tied at two-all. It was like a boxing match between two heavyweights – both experienced and knew where to attack and defend in equal measure. It’s fitting it ended in a draw.