Here at Badger we often see very cool F1 and Motorsport related things, but often they can somewhat stretch the purse strings. That doesn’t mean that we don’t still covet them. And hope for a lottery win. But wait, there’s news!

We are very excited to see that Racing Gold have a “YARD SALE” – a range they have created which starts at under £50 and capped at £200 in an effort to connect with more motorsport fans. Yay!

These items are still crafted and produced to the same ridiculously high standards of their original range – the ethos behind Racing Gold has always been to recycle and re-function all of the amazingly engineered parts that they have with care and style. They operate from the very same workshops that built components for the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films at Elstree, as you can see in this very cool video here: 

So what is in the YARD SALE to tempt you? (Or to add to your F1 Christmas gifts wishlist!) Here’s just a few items from their range.

Highlights from Racing Gold’s Yard Sale range

We love this pen set that uses a polished aluminium section of a part once destined for the Hi-Tech Hybrid KERS system on an F1 car. Inside this part is a carbon fibre disc also from the car, topped with a carbon fibre trimmed ball-point pen. (£44.95, free UK delivery)

Top of the range, there are brake disc and wheel fairing mirrors. (£179.99 – £199.99) – There are also 3 different table lamps that have been designed – we love the lay-shaft lamp below! (£99.99 – £199.99)

Our favourite 

Our favourite and the bestselling piece in the range is the machined & polished carbon fibre brake pad phone and tablet holder. Once used to slow their car from over 300KPH & reaching over 1000 °C, it can now reside on your desk! Each brake pad is unique, with different levels of texture & wear seen in each piece. (£59.99).  These are in use in the Badger office!


Get shopping!

Each piece comes complete with a signed Racing Gold letter of authenticity. So what are you waiting for? Get over to to have a look for yourself, and give @Racing_Gold a follow!

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Pssst, want something super special? Not a problem – visit to design a HYBRID piece from just £25.