Badger is in Barcelona for the second pre-season test, and has been attending a few of the media briefings.

Here’s what Kimi had to say this evening after the first day’s running in the Ferrari had ended.

On gearbox issues and reliability;

“Obviously it could be slightly better at this point, but we are in testing, and the purpose of the test is to try things. If something breaks or we have an issue, we can fix it, we still have time. Every year it is the same story; you push, push, push, then we have an issue, which we are planning to fix, so am I concerned? Not really.

That’s the purpose of testing – trying things and learning about the car. It’s still not many days that we have run, so obviously there are certain things that come up, but I would say it was normal progress. It’s a different story when we go racing.”

On Australia, and Marchionne saying he expects a Ferrari on the first row;

“I don’t know, I mean nobody knows, it’s pointless to start guessing what will happen. We’ll know in quite a short time, and obviously the car feels good, but just talking lap times here, we have no idea what everybody is doing.

We know what we are doing, and we are quite happy with how the car is handling and how the car is running, but obviously there’s still things to be fixed and things to try. This circuit and these conditions are completely different and once we go to Australia – who knows? I think we have a very good package but time will tell.”

On Nico Rosberg’s comments that Ferrari are very close to Mercedes;

“It’s pointless to start guessing – I have no idea what they are doing and they have no idea what we are doing.

You can say a lap time is close but there are different tyres….like I say, we have a good feeling, we have made good progress over the winter again, but is it going to be enough, who knows? I think we are going to be more or less where we want to be, but we’ll see.”

On being beaten by his teammates in the last two seasons;

“Obviously, you’d rather be in front that than the rear. There’s so many things that can happen, and obviously the main thing is to be where we want, so that if we would finish third and fourth, we both want to be in the front. It really makes a difference.

We try to push the team where we want to be, and as drivers, we want to be fighting in the front. We will see how the year goes and I’m sure we can do a good job.”

Kimi completed just over a full race distance, with 72 laps, and recorded a best lap time of 1.24:836 on the medium tyre. He will return on Thursday after Sebastian Vettel takes the SF16-H for a spin tomorrow.