Red Bull have unveiled their challenger for 2016, the RB12.

Image: Red Bull Racing Media
Image: Red Bull Racing Media

After a drawn out period of negotiation the team have settled on Renault engines for this season, although they’ve been rebadged TAG-Heuer in honour of their new sponsorship arrangement.

The Milton Keynes based squad failed to win a race in 2015 and are hopeful of their results this season. They have already displayed a tweaked livery in London last week, adjusting to the fact that former title sponsor Infiniti has also left with the Renault name, becoming part of the French engine manufacturers sponsor portfolio.

The team’s head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows said “the numbers from the CFD and wind tunnel are pretty encouraging” for the team’s new car.

“Certainly I’ve been incredibly surprised that we’ve been able to get so much out of this set of regulations, which has been fairly stable. It’s a function of everybody understanding the car we had last year but also I think identifying the problems that we had and really focussing on those. I think we’ve made some fairly big steps forward.”

“My hopes for RB12 is it continues the same rich vein of form we had with RB11,” Fallows added. “Obviously there were not necessarily the results that we’d hoped but we all knew that we had a good foundation in the car, in the chassis. I’d like to see that continue.”