Last year, their new car was a joke – people laughed at their horrid colour scheme with the overalls resembling a particular well-know fast food chain’s corporate colours.  Unfortunately for the drivers, the car went as poorly as it looked and Fernando didn’t enjoy 2009 at all.  As for Piquet, he didn’t last the season and Grosjean struggled without any testing to pick up the pieces.  Will Kubica have a shot at the title in this machine… only time will tell.  One thing is for sure – this car’s livery is retro-tastic:

As well as launching the new car, Renault confirmed that Kubica’s teammate will be the Russian F1 rookie by the name of Vitaly Petrov – he lives in Valencia, which is pretty handy for the testing due to commence tomorrow and in his home country he’s known as the ‘Vyborg Rocket’ and has been in GP2 since 2006.  He may only have a handful of wins in the series, but he did come 2nd in the 2009 championship so it’s not all bad.

Why is the new livery so superbly retro? – here are some more photos of the new 2010 car alongside Renaults from the past – in 1980, 1983 and their special edition 2007 car to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  If the myth that good looking cars run better than poor looking cars, Kubica could be in with a chance…

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