We’re now into the third, and final, week of our series of live-tweeting classic races from the annuls of Formula One. We’ve had two races from the 1990s, so for our last hurrah we’re heading into the year 2000!

It’s the final fix of old school F1 before the class of 2015 are revealed to the world for the first time. But before that happens, we’ll be immersing ourselves in the heyday of Mika Hakkinen vs. Michael Schumacher, McLaren vs. Ferrari, with cameos from Jordan, Jaguar, Jenson Button and BAR.


All you’ll need to do is click play on the relevant link below, at exactly 8pm GMT, to join in. Throughout the whole race, we’ll be using the @BadgerGP Twitter account as well as Twitter site twubs to collate them all together. As the race unfolds we will be live tweeting, from first lap to last, using the hashtag #RetroGP.

Just follow the steps below to take part;

– Click on “Play” with everyone else using this YouTube link – 2000 San Marino Grand Prix – or watch from playing the hosted video below.
– Send us your tweets using our Twitter hashtag link: #RetroGP
– Alternatively, us our Twitter Chat link (via twubs): #RetroGP Twitter Chat


Want to share your knowledge of early 2000s racing? Or join in with like-minded fans? Or just watch a race in general? Well, you’re all invited to watch along!

Join us on Thursday, January 22nd, 8pm GMT, for all the fun!