IMG_2852Romain Grosjean sat down to talk to the media in Barcelona, and Badger was there at Haas to listen to him discuss his brake-by-wire issue, and progress so far at winter testing, on a day that saw him complete 78 laps.

On the brake issues:

“I wasn’t one hundred percent confident when I got back on track and got to Turn One. I probably braked 20 metres earlier than I should but it is part of life. I was not expecting to spin at 300, but it happens sometimes.”

On progress in general:

“It’s very difficult because when you have got a problem with the braking, everything is out of order. We have made long stints this morning and the tyre degradation, and graining was good, that was the positive of the day. The negative is now that we need to find out how to improve the system.

The strengths? It’s the consistency of the car, the platform, and the aero. It’s predictive and we can enjoy a few laps, and whenever you go in a corner it’s a two-tenths mistake, and not like certain cars where you can lose half a second or even one second.

I was very optimistic last week, but a bit less right now because we have got that brake problem. Let’s hope tomorrow, we sort that and we get an idea of first balance of the car, and on top of that, I drive well!”

On the new halo in open cockpit racing:

“Yes, it’s against Formula 1 and yes, it’s against the concept of open cockpit as from 1950, Formula 1 has been like that. On the other hand, it’s for safety, and we really need to see the studies and if it does what it is supposed to do. In that case everyone is going to be happy to go for it, even though it goes a bit against what Formula 1 has been.”

On settling in at a new team:

“It’s going very well, everybody is working hard, and giving 100 percent. It’s a challenging winter testing. We knew it would be a bit of work for all of us, but everyone is doing a good job.

“The team has reacted very well to any issues we have encountered. We are working hard in the background, and everyone is doing a fantastic job, which is quite impressive. We had three difficult days so hopefully tomorrow is a better day, and it would be good for everyone to have a nice day!”

On working with new team mate, Esteban:

“(We are working together) pretty well to be honest, and that’s the key to getting the team up to speed as soon as we can. You always want to beat your teammate, but that is when the race comes.

Now, everything is open, we are being at everyone’s debrief and trying to get our point of view on the table.”

On simulator work ahead of Melbourne with the Haas steering wheel:

“I’ll be in the simulator on Monday. Erm……I’m still reading the manual!”