Photo: Octane Photography
Photo: Octane Photography

We’re not going to beat around the bush – it was an awful weekend for Mercedes in Spain, despite the front row lock-out. It may have been a great result to be 1-2 on the grid, but when it converts to 6th and 12th in the race, something is very wrong.

But, the form of Nico Rosberg is not part of it. If anything, it’s a welcome surprise and a good, strong answer to the young German’s doubters when the signing of Lewis Hamilton was announced.

Looking at it from and intra-team point of view, Nico beat Lewis to the pole position on Saturday (his second straight pole as well) and also managed his tyres a lot better to haul his car to 6th place. That’s 6 whole places ahead of his teammate.

It was a tremendous effort to keep ahead of the likes of Paul Di Resta (who was less than a second behind him by the finish) whose Force India is showing to be kind on it’s tyres.

There’s hard work aplenty to do for Mercedes. Motivating Nico Rosberg to perform, thankfully, isn’t one of them.