Tyres, they are round, black, sticky and have contributed a great deal to the un-predictive nature of the 2012 season, in the first half at least.  Although the teams have got on top of the various compounds and how they differ, the rubber has been less of a fact, but it’s still good to know what’s what and which of the coloured tyres are available to the teams, even if just so you can feel well informed come the lights going out on Sunday.

And so, the tyres for the first F1 GP at Circuit of the Americas are… (drum roll please) – the Pirelli P-Zero MEDIUM and HARD, or to make it a bit simpler, the white banded and silver/grey branded tyres.  Interesting, being as it’s a brand new track, Pirelli are also allowing EXTRA tyres for the teams to use on Friday to help they get to grips (pun intended) with the new track.

And here’s the official Pirelli guide to the Circuit of the Americas, from tyres point of view… enjoy.