The Harlem Shake. A global dance video phenomenom that has spread throughout the world thanks to YouTube and, most probably, boozy students.

But, it’s now crept into the worlds of professional sport. American basketball team Miami Heat have had a crack at it, so have Premiership Football side Fulham. It was only a matter of time before it crept into F1 – and lo-and-behold it happened in the Barcelona pitlane just last week.

Not content with trying to get their 2013 challenger up to speed in pre-season testin, Sauber decided to let off a bit of steam by filming their very own version. It’s hit 500,000 hits in a week alone, and if you haven’t seen it already, you are in for a treat!

Our personal highlights;

  • The pink wig on the front jack man
  • Esteban Guitterez’s little finger bop as he rocks the car up.
  • The front left tyre standing attempt
  • The fire extinguisher. It steals the show.

Who says F1 teams aren’t fun?