We rescued Bruce the teddy bear home because he was running out of days.  Although he’s enjoying his stay in the Sett, he needs a permanent home and so we’re helping to promote his plea for new home where he’ll be looked after and receive the love and attention he deserves.

See the picture below of our resident F1 fan teddy bear.  He’s called Bruce and he needs a new home – if you can help, simply like and share his plea with your friends on Facebook.  Bruce will then go to one of those of you offering him a life line.

  • Likes: Formula 1, biscuits (especially Hob Nobs), tea and Sunday afternoons.
  • Dislikes: Bernie Ecclestone, the FIA, DRS and drivers being told to slow down.
  • Favourites: he likes all the drivers, but has a special place in his heart for McLaren.
  • Needs: a new home with a TV and access to the internet so he can follow F1
  • Qualities: loveable, exciting, never sleeps, obedient, house-trained

Can you help save Bruce?

Simply like and share his plea now on Facebook!

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