Sakhir, Wednesday: Seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher has expressed his disbelief that Eddie Jordan is returning to work at the BBC this year, calling the move “madness” on Jordan’s part.

The Irishman, a former F1 team owner, was a pre- and post-race analyst on the BBC’s Formula One programme in 2009, and it was confirmed some months ago that he would be reprising the role in 2010. However, Schumacher feels that Jordan risks tarnishing his reputation by returning to British television screens this year.

He's back: BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan

“For me, it is madness,” Schumacher said when questioned on the subject in Bahrain today. “Eddie has already had a fantastic year for the BBC, and really it’s difficult to see how he could do any more. I mean, how many opinions can one man have?

“There’s only a finite number of things Eddie can possibly say before he starts contradicting himself,” the German continued. “And that’s the last thing people want to see – a formerly excellent pundit, now past his best, trundling around in the paddock trying to keep up with the likes of David Coulthard and Jake Humphrey, who are not only much younger but still have plenty left to say for themselves. I really fear that Eddie will simply run out of steam this year.”

However, many of Jordan’s fellow pundits are welcoming the opportunity to work with the Irishman again: “Working with Eddie is always a real challenge,” BBC colleague Coulthard remarked. “But to actually win in a televised argument against him, well, that’s definitely something special – much more valuable than winning an argument with anybody else.

“However,” the Scot continued, “I’m looking forward to beating Eddie in more and more on-screen debates this coming season. This will be my year – I can feel it.”