Some guys just can’t help but court controversy.

Especially not Michael Schumacher, who has been given a 20 second penalty for his final corner move on Fernando Alonso in today’s Monaco Grand Prix, dropping the 7 times champion to 12th position.

As the Safety car pulled in on the final lap Schumacher dived up the inside of Alonso’s Ferrari, nabbing 6th position from the Spaniard. Schumacher and his Mercedes team were under the impression that having crossed the safety car line, and with the green flag lights on, Michael was entitled to pass Alonso- but the stewards have seen it differently.

The rules state that if the race ends behind the safety car it will enter the pits at the end of the last lap and the cars will cross the finish line without overtaking. With that in mind it seems a pretty open and shut case- Michael had to be penalised. However the fact that green flags were shown confuses the matter. At the last race to finish behind a safety car- the  2009 Australian Grand Prix- yellow flags were still out as the cars crossed the line.

The penalty drops him out of the points, gives Alonso back the 6th position he’d held until the final turn, and bumps Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil and Tonio Liuzzi up a place. 11th placed finisher Sebastien Buemi is promoted to 10th, thereby scoring his first point of 2010.

Controvery? Michael Schumacher? At Monaco!? We never thought we’d see such a thing. It was a crafty move by Michael, and showed he’s still very much on the ball, but ultimately it’s cost him dear.

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