Badger’s full season review continues with a look back to when F1 2009 made it to Europe, round 5 in Spain through to round 8 in Great Britain.  Enjoy re-living the entire season with our ‘race-in-a-paragraph’ summaries complete with links to full coverage, and other trinkets.


Spanish Grand Prix

gptable05Hola! Back in Europe at last, and Brawn GP use their brains to make it another 1-2 finish. Barrichello has a bullet-like start off the grid on a heavier fuel load, but loses the win to Button after a not-so-great middle stint. The Trulli-train becomes a spectacular Trulli-train-crash on the first lap, taking out both Sutil and the two Torro Rosso Sebastiens. Blink and you missed it: Webber pulls a stellar move on Alonso, not one to try at home. Ferrari no longer really bad, just ‘bad’. Massa nearly ‘does a Mansell’ and almost runs out of fuel, Kimi’s car gets bored of racing at the back and gives up. A good day for: BMW’s Heidfeld, 13th to 7th isn’t too shabby, a podium for ‘unluckiest man in F1’ Webber, and homeboy Alonso takes 5th



monacotableMonaco Grand Prix

Undeniably the most famous, prestigious, and challenging race of the year. No prizes for guessing the winner, it’s a stunning Jenson Button again for Brawn GP. He makes it look so easy, even jogging up to receive his trophy. Ferrari resurgent in 3rd and 4th , Red Bull faltering in their title challenge, formerly strong Toyota hardly noticed at Monaco, Rosberg pulls some moves on Massa and finishes 6th, BMW struggle helplessly on, and Force India almost get points. Flavio watches in dismay from his luxury yacht as Piquet Jr taken out by rookie Buemi, and Alonso only takes 7th .



turkishgpresultTurkish Grand Prix

Another Jensational performance in Turkey! That’s 6 wins out of 7 races for the superb Schumach… I mean, Button. Team-mate Barrichello admits to his ploughing tactic in races: “I had to force my way around”. Vettel loses the lead to Button on the first lap, and is subject to some blatant team orders later in the race. Toyotas back on form, McLaren looking genuinely dire, and BMW in the points. Shocker. Monaco now looks like a fluke for Ferrari, hauling only 3 points at Istanbul. Not a gripping race at the front, but lots of excitement from the chasing pack.



British Grand Prix

raceresultbgpA classic grand prix at a classic circuit. In front of a massive crowd the British drivers do spectacularly badly at Silverstone: Jenson only manages 6th , and Hamilton finishes 16th . Red Bull take an impressive 1-2, and Barrichello is especially ecstatic to have beaten team-mate Button. Flavio declares his love for Bernie, and also admits he may be a ‘lunatic’. Nice. The Ferrari strategist has a good day, clawing up masses of places for Massa. Force India’s Fisichella takes 10th , good stuff. Plenty of great scraps, and KERS is revealed as the hilariously expensive red herring of the 2009 season.