Time to get brutally honest and have a bit of fun as I go all “football” on the grid, contracts have been signed and unlike “the great game” drivers actually stick to them, it doesn’t mean they deserve them though… let’s do a quick run through anyway.

Mercedes – what should happen: Daniel Ricciardo gets his dream move uprooting the likeable, dependable Finn and giving Lewis Hamilton a team mate who won’t play number two.

What could happen: With both drivers already signing contracts before the German Grand Prix, I can’t envisage any changes for the next two years unless Valtteri Bottas has a particularly bad season next year and decides to not use his option for 2020.

Ferrari – what should happen: Kimi Announces his retirement at Monza and has a barnstormer, picking up places at the start and bringing home the victory. From 2019 onwards he can put his feet up, relax and have a drink. Charles Leclerc is drafted in to partner Sebastian Vettel and groomed as a future World Champion.

What could happen: Ferrari brick it and sign Kimi for yet another year.

Red Bull – what should happen: Red Bull should be pulling out all stops to resign Danny Ric, it’s concerning that it hasn’t happened yet after many assurances that it’ll be done before the summer break or after the Mercedes merry-go round was completed.

What could happen: Barring the unthinkable, Ricciardo will sign with Red Bull. His other options include McLaren and possibly Ferrari. Both of which look unlikely. My instincts tell me he’ll be sticking around with Max for a little while longer.

Renault – what should happen: Hulkenberg is praised for the fine work he’s been doing and gets given another contract. He repays the team by finally getting a podium. Carlos Sainz is given another season.

What could happen: Ocon could make his way to the works Renault team after a string of impressive results for Force India, replacing Sainz who ends up in limbo or more likely, McLaren.

Haas – what should happen: Romain Grosjean is dropped – he’s been constantly beaten by Magnussen and involved in numerous scrapes yet again

What could happen: See above

Force India – what should happen: An investor comes forward, saves the team and its staff and looks to nail Ocon down to another contract, if Mercedes allow it. Perez’s money is no longer needed and he leaves. George Russell steps up to replace him for 2019.

What could happen: Ocon is signed to another contract, similar to that of Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes, Perez signs another one-year deal or is replaced by Lance Stroll who brings millions of Dollars with him.

McLaren – what should happen: A complete re-evaluation of everything, it’s a mess of a company and it’s such a shame. Fernando Alonso leaves to chase his American Dream. Joining him at the exit door is Vandoorne, who’s done nothing of note, despite a hugely impressive racing pedigree. Lando Norris joins the team for 2019 onwards along with another experienced driver who might not command the same wages as Alonso….Kubica anyone?

What could happen: Everything mentioned above apart from the Kubica bit, as great as that would be. Carlos Sainz is also a possible option, meaning there could be at least one Spaniard in orange next year.

Toro Rosso – what should happen: Brendon Hartley realises that he isn’t cut out for F1 and leaves at the end of the season. Gasly, if not poached, stays another year and hopes to outperform the car again.

What could happen: See above

Sauber – what should happen: If they can keep hold of Leclerc that would be a huge boost and give the team stability heading into next season. Ericsson has been hit or miss but another year wouldn’t be a bad way to go, especially with the sponsorship he brings.

What could happen: See above

Williams – what should happen: Sirotkin is dropped and replaced by Kubica, he’s not performed to the level expected. Stroll also leaves.

What could happen: Stroll is likely to head to Force India meaning at least one seat is free. Another opportunity for George Russell if he doesn’t follow the American there. Williams seem pretty set on not replacing Sirotkin so expect another year of sponsorship.