The Silverstone Classic is an annual festival that all motorsport fans should attend. Held at the iconic home of British Motorsport, featuring cars and personalities from across the decades of motorsport, each year featuring some very special treats.

The Williams F1 Team’s Heritage division have had a busy year with the team turning 40 and so naturally there were some of the great cars from the team on track being driven in anger again.  Thankfully, friend of Badger and semi-pro motorsport photographer, Darren Taylor attended the 2017 event and captured some fantastic images from the weekend. Scroll on down to view his gallery.

For 2018 there will be F1 cars on track right from 1948 to modern day and a large focus on the history of the Le Mans series too – 2 of the greatest motorsport series covered right there. And it’s not just cars either, they always have some great rock n roll music live at the track too, for a complete festival weekend.

As of Monday 16th October, you can treat yourself to tickets for 2018 and get an super early bird discount, saving up 20%. See more details about discounted tickets here. If you fancy it next year, get the details here on the Silverstone Classic website and checkout Darren Taylor’s online portfolio of great images. It’s not just cars either, there’s loads of entertainment and more. Have you been? Let us know what you think via @BadgerGP Twitter.