After a long absence, Baby Badger is back!  Read on for a 9 year-old’s views on today’s British grand prix at Silverstone.

You’ve been away for a while Baby Badger, what have you been up to?

Been chilling out with my brother Teeny Badger!

Does he watch F1 yet?

No, but he likes playing with his F1 car toys.

Great stuff, so who was your driver of the day?

Alonso because he was so bad.

Why would you pick him then?

Because it’s just funny!

Did you think it was fair that he got the drive through penalty?

Yes because I think he did it on purpose just to overtake Kubica.

Who would be in the Baby Badger F1 team?

Because Webber can, like, drive really fast and has got good skills, and Jenson Button is just a really skilful and careful driver and can look after his tyres really well.

What did you think of the stewards at the race today?

[laughs] Yeah one fell over!

Which team did the best job at the race?

Probably Force India because they were driving faster than usual, because usually they’re quite slow. Sutil was stopping Vettel for nearly the whole of the race, even if he let him go in the end.

Did you like your signed autograph book by Jenson Button?

Yes because it was written to me! All my friends are really jealous. Not many people get Jenson Button’s autograph.

Were there any parts of the race you liked best?

When Vettel went off into the grass lots – he learnt his lesson about not staying in front for the whole race!

What is your championship prediction after today?

I think it’s going to be Mark Webber because he’s done really well in the past few races and should be for the whole year.

Do you think Ferrari are going to complain lots about the race today?

Yeah especially they’re going to shout at Alonso because he’s been like shouting at them and saying mean and rude stuff. So I think they’re going to have a go at him.

If you rename any team, what would you call them?

Probably McLaren. Something like Piquet?

I don’t think they’d like that very much!

Ah, who cares!

Who is your favourite commentator?

Definitely Martin Brundle as he’s not boring like Jonathan Legard.

Favourite Legardism?

“Up the hill!”