Sky have finally confirmed details of their “Race Control” app for the 2012 season, just in time!  The app, is for the iPad only and available to all Sky F1 subscribers (those with Sky HD or Sky Sports).  

It’s essentially the same info that’s available via the red button, but on your iPad – including multiple camera views, live timing and track data along with Twitter feeds (edited by Sky).  The main additional content being the highlights section, which enables you to watch highlights during the coverage, on demand.

• An array of live streams from on-board cameras, pit lane camera as well as main race coverage
• Live race data for the latest positions and lap timings
• A race scheduler for the full season
• A live highlights module with bespoke app editorial
• Twitter feed powered by Scribble Live technology with aggregated F1™ fan commentary

Whether the app is useful or not, we’ll wait and see until we use it over the weekend, but it looks good and here are some preview shots.

If you have Sky Sports F1 and an iPad, the Sky Sports App is free to download and the “Race Control” is a companion app.  Later this year, a second version will be launched, featuring multi-screen, enabling you to watch two or more camera views at the same time.

If you are not a Sky Sports F1 subscriber, you have the app on your iPad for £4.99 per month, to watch the F1 channel you can subscibe via SkyGo, which is £35 per month (no contract) to get the F1 channel.