It’s been rumoured ever since Sky got their mitts on F1 that one day we would have 3D coverage and today’s announcement that they are to broadcast the final winter test in 3D cements it.

One day soon, the whole season could be broadcast in 3D – imagine that in an iMax!

“This is a special moment for Formula 1 fans and exactly the kind of innovation and access that Sky Sports F1 promised. 3D will show us the real challenges of the race track with added depth and perspective. It will be a new, immersive experience for viewers and I can’t wait to see what F1 action in 3D will reveal.” – Our Brundle

“This is groundbreaking. We’re as excited as the next fan to see what Formula 1 will look like in 3D. It’s uncharted territory, but this is a big opportunity to experiment and innovate, and we’re grateful to Formula One Management for working with us on this. Sky is a world-leader in the field of 3D broadcasting, so in partnership with Formula 1 we’re in the best position to answer public appetite and take up the challenge of bringing live F1 in 3D for the first time.” – Martin Turner – Chief Sky Sports F1 bod

How to watch F1 in 3D:

You’ll need a fancy 3D TV for starters, and in terms of a package from Sky – it’s available at no extra cost to existing customers with the Sky World or the HD pack.

  • LIVE 3D COVERAGE – Every day of the final test from 28 February – 3 March from 2pm (1pm on 3 March) on Sky 3D (also available live on Sky Sports F1® channel)
  • DAILY COVERAGE – Every day of every test including daily features of Ted’s Test Notebook and a programme airing at 21:00 on Sky Sports F1® HD
  • LIVE COVERAGE – Daily live reports from every test on Sky Sports News HD and live reports from Ted Kravitz in episodes of the F1® Show on 22 February & 1 March

What are your thoughts on this news – excited about F1 in 3D?