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Christmas is a wonderful time for festivities, seeing those members of the family you don’t often see, having more than enough excuses to see friends for ‘festive’ drinks, time off work and so on.

The one problem, that comes back time and time again is the dreaded “what do you want for Christmas” or the “what can I buy for …..” – well, if you’re an F1 fan or the person you’re buying for is an F1 fan, then look no further than Badger’s Grand Prix Christmas Gift Guide…

We’ve scoured the shops and websites to come up with some bargain items, some fantastic items, some crazily expensive and also the downright ridiculous.  Have a read through below and be sure you have a look at Badger’s Grand Prix Christmas Gift Shop – where we’ve compiled loads of F1-related gifts to help you out.

Grand Prix Stocking Fillers

At only £3.99 you can pick up a rather fun Wooden Formula 1 car kit – yep, build your own grand prix car – ideally the kids, or a grown up for that matter.  If the recipient is a little dubious, you could explain it gives them the chance to ‘be Adrian Newey’ – i.e. redesign it a little – could even pain it too.  Hours of fun!

Not into the idea of a kit, then how about an F1 keyring – There’s a McLaren one, a Lewis Hamilton and a rather smart Mercedes GP one too.


Great Presents

So you’ve got the stocking fillers covered, so now, what about some good presents – in short, there are plenty of them about and to kick things off, here at Badger we love the retro F1 gear and couldn’t believe our eyes when we found the Retro Formula 1 shop – it’s bursting at the seems with James Hunt, Walter Wolf, Ligier, Classic Lotus and more great names of yesteryear.  For Christmas 2011, they’ve even got reprints of classic grand prix posters and wow do they look good!

Aside from these great posters, and being a bit more current day, there’s the usual run of review books and DVDs available – unfortunately though, due to Bernie’s clever idea to make the season finish in virtually December, the official DVD review isn’t out until after Christmas – rubbish!   You can pre order it and read a book while you wait though…  Speaking of books, our current favourite is the Red Bull Racing Haynes Manual – it’s fantastic and perfect for any tech-focused fans, or those that want to be – can’t recommend it enough!

There’s the usual vast array of team merchandise, much of which is on sale now, with it being out of date – that doesn’t make it bad though, in fact it makes it very much affordable and should you be wearing it to a grand prix or a Badger event you’ll look like a proper fan, rather than someone who’s just gone out and bought the latest gear.  Check out Grand Prix Products for the last wears and offers!



A bit bonkers, but if you can afford it…

You can buy that F1 fan you know a life-size cardboard cutout of their racing hero – from Fangio to Senna and beyond from Exciting Figures.

How about Scalextric?  You can buy a good selection of the standard kits for around £100, but what about a super-duper Scalextric?  Yep, you can buy Silverstone for around £700 – but this is far more than a Scalextric, it’s as close to owning Silverstone that you could ever be – this set really is remarkable, it even includes a proper pit lane!

Now, a little more ‘real’ – the Senna movie, yes it’s on DVD for around a tenner, but you can also buy this limited version for over £250, which includes a car, more discs that you need and a book.  A great collectors item.

What gift ideas do YOU have?

Either for yourself or for other F1 fans, share them in the comments below or via Facebook and Twitter for everyone else to enjoy, cheers!