How do we define ‘best’ for a grand prix circuit, now that’s a question in itself – yet many a fan will simply say “Spa” – so just why is this track seen so fondly by so many racing fans?   As ever here’s Badger’s now famous Track Guide to help you get to know the circuit ahead of this weekend’s action:

So that’s a lap of Spa, now what is it to you that makes this circuit so flamin’ special – here’s our quick run down of some possible reasons…

  • Speed – it’s quick with some good straights and some very quick corners
  • Overtaking – the first, super-tight hairpin can catch folk out and provide a great opportunity
  • Hills – often referred to as ‘gradient’ – this does seem to be a common factor for all great circuits and Spa has plenty of gradient changes throughout the lap
  • Eau Rouge – it may be a corner, but it’s a reason in itself, the drivers love, it looks ace and tests a driver’s commitment and bravery
  • Weather – let’s face it, you’d never consider heading to Belgium without packing at least one poncho and the rain has certainly delivered some epic drives
  • Length – It’s a long lap, hence fewer than 50 laps are completed during a grand prix
  • Tricky but not tedious – the famous (now remodeled) ‘Bus Stop Chicane’ is damn tricky and catches drivers out, but unlike some of the go-kart style imitations such as those corners around Marina Bay, the bus stop works and like Eau Rouge, it’s a proper challenge for the drivers

So, our lovely Badger readers – what do you make of Spa – is it wonderful?  And why is it so wonderful?  Use the comments folks!