Spa, Thursday: Activists protesting over excessive noise levels caused by motor racing at Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit have been warned by local authorities after their latest demonstration was deemed to be “too loud.”

Noisy: Protestors at Spa

The Spa circuit has hosted motorsport events since 1922, meaning that anyone with a legitimate right to protest about noise levels generated by the track is at least 87 years old. However, this has not stopped younger people from moving into the vicinity of the racing venue and then acting surprised when it turns out that motorsport is actually quite a noisy activity.

Campaigners in the town of Spa have recently threatened the future of the historic Belgian Grand Prix, which takes place on the track late every summer. However their efforts received a setback as police were called to their most recent protest, warning the activists that they were making too much noise.

“There was one man standing on a box with a megaphone, shouting about the noise pollution caused by motor racing at Spa,” one witness said. “He was very loud; it was quite unpleasant to listen to him, actually. I feel that if he had gone on longer, he could have negatively impacted property prices in the area.

“So I was quite relieved when this police officer turned up and told him to be quiet. Anti-noise protestors? Not in my back yard!”

The protest group have vowed that they will not give up on their cause because of the actions of the local authorities. “We’ll just have a nice quiet petition instead,” whispered one representative of the group. “We may be turned down slightly, but we will not be silenced!”

One resident, however, had had enough: “I’m moving to get away from the noise. I’ve found a nice quiet little town in Northamptonshire, England, which will be perfect as there’s no chance they will stage a Grand Prix there next year!”