The Catalunya race track, a fair few miles outside Barcelona is the playground for the forthcoming Spanish Grand Prix – where F1 returns to Europe and many of the teams will arrive will arrive with updates on their cars, so expect plenty of teams to have the fancy ‘F-duct’ pioneered by McLaren on their cars to boost straight-line speed as well as all cars to have wing-mirrors on the side of the cockpits rather than hanging off the outside of the sidepods.

As a track, it’s a good one with a couple of overtaking-inducing corners, but it doesn’t always guarantee a great race because all the teams know it so well from testing there when they can.  That said, the weather has been a bit iffy over in Barcelona, so there’s a chance a bit of rain could help the race to be another unpredictable thriller.

Either way, here at Badger we’re firm believers that it doesn’t half help if you know the track when watching the racing on the box, so here’s our now regular track preview, complete with expert voice over from our very own Tess Tarossa.  Enjoy

The same track will be used by the GP2 championship this weekend too, read all about GP2 on Badger here – and if you want to view the rest of this season’s tracks, all in one page, check our track guide.