After a brilliant, proper battle for Pole Position, Mark Webber came out on top, ahead of a rejuvenated Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who starts a race for the first time this year, not on the front row.

Below is the grid in full, Liuzzi starts 24th despite beating rookie Ricciardo, due to a gearbox change.  So what thoughts to we have, looking ahead to the race on Sunday – here’s some via F1 fans on Twitter (our comments are the bits in non-bold!)

@RachelClarkeF1 – my prediction? I’m going to get hyperthermia – clearly, actually in Germany!

@JoeMaule – Lights go out, they all race off and a German crosses the line first! – comfy on that fence there?!

@Anonymou53 – Wouldn’t be surprised to see a red flag during the race tomorrow – As we all know, F1 doesn’t do rain racing in 2011 – rain will definitely spice things up!

Laura Wooton (via FB) – Adrian Sutil on the podium 😛 You never know, anything can happen 😀 – indeed, Murray used to say that F1 is ‘if’ backwards!

Robert Webb (via FB) – British piloted silver arrow pursued hotly by a German wing brigade with a Spanish prancing horse gunning up the rear! – great use of words there Robert!

@Olly31770 – Expecting (and hoping for) a great drive from Kobayashi as he’s in my fantasy team. I expect to get 18 points from him tomorrow. – Best of luck, you won’t be alone with that thought!

Nick Bean (via FB) – Vettel to storm into the back of Webber in a fit of rage – unlikely, but would be entertaining…!

If you have a thought on the events and how they will unfold on Sunday, post them in the comments below, in the meantime here’s a few more from the Sett:

  • Chandhok will finish the grand prix – he needs to and there’s a whole load of people who would love to see him do well with his first race back as a driver in over a year.
  • Rosberg will threaten the leaders early on, but will fall back as the race unfolds.
  • Lewis Hamilton will finish, possibly on the podium
  • Mark Webber won’t win – a sad thought, but victories just don’t seem his thing this year
  • Alonso will have a flying start and take both Red Bulls and have a battle with Lewis.
  • Di Resta will have a great race – he deserves to
  • Petrov will surprise people, get some points and beat Heidfeld.
  • Toro Rosso will finish higher than they started (it’s what they do)
  • Kamui will bring home points for Sauber

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And here’s the grid for the race – but what order will it finish?!?

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