Probably somewhere over the Arabian Peninsula by now, Tuesday: Prospective F1 team Stefan GP have made history today by going longer than any other group or individual before being able to take the hint and go away.

Historic: F1 nobodies Stefan GP, and Toyota

Stefan GP’s original application to join the 2010 F1 world championship was turned down – their initial reaction to this was to start a lawsuit, before dropping the case, going ahead and assembling an F1 car anyway. Their new car, based on the cancelled 2010 Toyota project, has been shoved into a container and shipped over to Bahrain for the opening race of the new season, despite the fact that the team has failed to secure an entry into the world championship.

“Simple letters of rejection and repeated insistences that we do not belong in Formula One are not enough to deter us!” team principal Zoran Stefanovic claimed in a badly-worded press statement today. “We have commenced operationings to transport car to Bahrain, where we will race, pending agreement of Formula One Management and the FIA, of course.”

“This is clearly a world record,” a Guinness World Records spokesman stated earlier. “For nearly seven months Stefan GP have been unable to accept the fact that their application to enter F1 in 2010 has been rejected. Nobody else has ever managed such a feat without becoming demoralised, giving up and racing in the Serbian National Tin Bath-Rolling Championships or wherever it was that they came from.”

In keeping with the team’s ethos of steely determination against all observable reality, Takuma Sato and Christian Klien are expected to be named as the team’s race drivers if they are, by some miracle, actually allowed anywhere near the Bahrain paddock later in the month.