Belgrade, Tuesday: Wannabe Formula One team boss Zoran Stefanovic has revealed the identity of a number of key personnel in his Stefan Grand Prix team, which he claims will join the F1 fold in the 2010 season.

Confident: Zoran Stefanovic. Maybe.
Confident: Zoran Stefanovic. Maybe.

The Serbian believes that having twice been rejected for a spot on the Formula One grid is no obstacle to competing in the sport, and in a press release earlier today outlined his team’s determination to make it into F1 next year: “Praise be to the glorious consortium of F1 grouping for making of win,” proclaimed Stefanovic. “We will smash the imperialist car manufacturers with iron fist of glory and reliable supply of Cosworth engines.”

Stefanovic had already previously revealed that his chief designer was to be disgraced former McLaren employee Mike Coughlan, which prompted some to believe that this action – along with his attempt to sue the FIA through the European Union over their selection process for 2010 entries – may have sufficiently blotted his copybook to prevent him from having much chance of receiving an F1 entry at any stage.

However, Stefanovic blames his failure so far to be permitted to race on “imperialist tendencies” in Paris, and undeterred by the potential bad press brought about by Coughlan’s involvement with the team, has announced that Flavio Briatore and Nigel Stepney will take up senior positions at Stefan Grand Prix once they turn up (probably uninvited) at Bahrain in March, with former Andrea Moda team principal Andrea Sassetti in a consultancy role.

“Is good for many experienced warriors in the field of Grand Prix struggle to the joining of Stefan Grand Prix,” the press release continued. “We will fight to liberate their names from the tyranny of Max Mosley’s bad books!”

The press release did not address the issue of who will drive for the Serbian team if they make it into Formula One in 2010, although on current form it is likely that Nelson Piquet Jr. will get a seat.