Jenson’s Bahrain Grand Prix was an interesting one.  He had a rubbish qualifying and didn’t even bother to set a time in the final session – something I frown upon here at Badger GP and then in the race, yes he made some places up and had a good clean(ish) fight with his team mate,  but seriously Jenson, stop moaning.

“Calm him down” he muttered on the radio, referring to his team mate chasing him in the latter stages of the race.  Yes, Perez was very racey and by all accounts too aggressive against his own team mate, but Jenson needn’t get all moaning about it.  The incident in which Perez lost part of his front wing was partly Jenson’s fault for slowing mid-corner during his defence against the charging Perez.

Perez was clearly quicker during their battles and Jenson was clearly keen to stay in front and maintain his pseudo No. 1 status at McLaren, but in doing so he destroyed his tyres and had to pit again.  Not something we’re used to with Jenson’s famous smooth, tyre-friendly style.  Then again, Perez is just as good to his tyres so maybe that’s it.  Jenson’s met his match on the tyre stakes.

Either way, McLaren had a good race, especially considering their car’s performance of late, but I feel that Jenson let the side down and could have finished one place behind his team mate had he not defended so aggressively and looked after his tyres.  Instead he grabbed a lowly 10th by the chequered flag.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the battling and want to see more, but for once, unusually Jenson was in the wrong and I bet Mr Sergio “Checo” Perez is quite chuffed.  Next time, do what he did to a driver in a rival team and Jenson, you should know when to relent.

Kudos to McLaren for letting them race, but Jenson you’re only a Hot Dog in this week’s Hot Rod or Hot Dog because you should have known better.

Photo: McLaren Media
Photo: McLaren Media