It was an absolute blinder of a race – plenty of action and incident with great strategies and battles.  The most entertaining grand prix of the season, right from the lights going out right through to the chequered flag. Here, in pictures are the highlights:

Gentlemen start your engines
The cars being prepared on grid ©
Hamilton and Vettel set to race from the front row. ©
Hamilton leads the way into turn 1. ©
And they're off, some off the road already. ©
Liuzzi and Massa make contact multiple times around the first corners. ©
Liuzzi left facing the wrong way. ©
Chandhok on the grass as the rest of the field make it through the first corners without incident. ©

Kamui stacks it into the wall of champions on lap 1. ©
Proper Grand Prix Racing

Finally, with the ban on refueling and tyres that can’t simply last a whole race distance, we finally had proper grand prix racing and maybe those at the top of the sport will have finally realised what makes great racing – cars with loads of power and less grip and tyres that are unpredictable and actually wear out if raced too hard. Brilliant.

Sure, we love because it does indeed ‘improve the show’ but it’s also better for the teams and drivers because winning a race is so much more of an achievement – just like it should be.

There were plenty of incidents during the race, so here in no particular order is a collection of images from the 70 laps of the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit.

A promising start ended with brakes on fire for Trulli. ©

Schumacher made some poor calls in his battles. ©
Massa pits for a new wing towards the end with after contact with old team mate Schumacher. ©
Three-a-breast and yes that is Buemi racing Alonso and Hamilton ©

Hulkenberg outbrakes himself early on at the hairpin - hes yet to impress this year in the struggling Williams ©
Kubica raced well yet again, as did the Force India duo ©
It was probably the race of Liuzzis F1 career, he even passed Sutil on the last lap ©
Buemi overtaking Alonso - a great day for the Swiss youngster ©

One out of two isnt bad. Virgin had a good race but only Di Grassi could bring his motor home ©
Proper close racing in the opening laps - classic stuff! ©
Lotus and Williams battling it out - Williams' weekend didnt go particularly well after a promising qualifying effort ©
The chequered flag

Hamilton raced well to make it two wins from the last two grands prix and Jenson will now be digging deep to take the fight to Hamilton. Alonso made it home in 3rd but will be miffed with what could have been an even better result if he hadn’t been held up by traffic after his final pit stop (which allowed Hamilton past) and then let Jenson Button get away with a cheeky but smooth move when overtaking back-markers. At least the podium gave the Spaniard something to smile about.

Hamilton takes the chequered flag. ©
One happy man. ©
Back on top. ©
Alosno shares the winning tiple. ©
The fans are understandably happy with a corker of a grand prix. ©

The only bad news is that the end of the Canadian Grand Prix means that the next time we see F1 2010 in action will be at Valencia where we are yet to see any indication of an exciting grand prix – here’s hoping…