Paris, Friday: Former world champion and returning F1 driver Michael Schumacher has submitted a request to the FIA that they take into account his superstitions when arranging the 2010 F1 season.

Superstitious: Returning F1 star Schumacher

Schumacher, who sparked mild amusement this week when asking to be allowed to drive the number 3 car at Mercedes this year, rather than the number 4 as had previously been arranged, has gone one step further with his superstitions by asking that the FIA allow him to win all the races in 2010.

“Unfortunately I’m a very superstitious person,” Schumacher revealed at a press conference this morning, “and in my view it’s extremely bad luck if I don’t win a race. Therefore I’m asking the FIA to consider allowing for this belief by ensuring that I win every race this year.”

The German’s superstitions are already well-documented. As well as this need to win the seven-time champion also believes that good fortune will come upon him if he carries with him during races a hairbrush from his daughter, an amulet from his wife and a steely resolve to drive all of his nearest rivals off the road.

As proof of his apparently ridiculous suggestion that losing races brings bad luck, Schumacher pointed out that the last time he failed to win an F1 race, he subsequently failed to drive in a Grand Prix for over three years. “The evidence doesn’t get much more concrete than that,” the German said.

The FIA has yet to respond publicly to the request, though it is expected that President Jean Todt will issue an irritable croak at some point this afternoon.