I enjoy coming to testing for Badger GP, having the proper press accreditation gives us great access to the drivers and teams and keeps us busy working long days gathering content.  The hours between 5pm and 7pm are frantic with all the drivers have their press calls one after the other.

Not surprisingly, Vettel was mobbed with media attention, while Nico Rosberg, who was chatting at the same time had only a handful of media waiting to speak with him.  I was there ready to ask him about his successful day, when out of nowhere, the rather odd character that is Ted Kravitz springs out from behind the motor homes with his big red microphone and barges his way in front of everyone.

It’s fair enough, written press generally give room to TV media – they need the camera angles after all and Ted politely / cunningly shuffled in front of me with a compliment about my Jackie Stewart inspired headwear.  Hmm.  Here’s his ‘notebook’ from day 1, see me, loitering on camera – skip to about 5minutes in, just before the Nico Rosberg interview.


He later claimed that the hat was a Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) hat, he clearly doesn’t know his vintage grand prix driver style.

Ted Kravitz Fact: his real name is Theodore Slotover!  We think he should have kept it.